I get asked for the recipes I use quite often. I am here to share them. But first, a few notes that you should be aware of:

  1. These recipes are mostly made up in my head, or passed down by friends and family that I’ve adapted to make my own. I am not a michelin starred chef – nor do I want to be – so if these recipes aren’t your jam, don’t leave me hate mail.
  2. Can you substitute x for y or y for z? I DON’T KNOW. Try it and report back. I can’t guarantee something bad won’t happen, BUT it may make it awesome for you so that’s worth a shot.
  3. Savoury meals are a lot easier to tinker with than baked goods. Baking is a science and we don’t fuck with that.
  4. If you’re looking for long, drawn out, scroll for 5 mins through 15 ads and win a few ipads, learn a whole life story, before you get to the recipe, recipes – you might want to look elsewhere. I don’t think anyone on the face of the planet wants to read about how your love for Mediterranean food came from the guy you met back packing in the south of France and then heartbreak got the better of you but “nostalgia, y’all”. I’m just gonna get right to it. If you want to hear my life story, sign up as my therapist.

Happy creating!

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