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Before I Had Kids..

Before I had kids, I had CAPITAL O opinions about screen time for children. Mine weren’t gonna have any. Big Bad TV ™️ wasn’t gonna rot my kids’ brains. Cute right?

Fast forward to now. Dora taught my 2.5 year old to count to 10 in Spanish and my 4.5 year old casually tells me last night while getting ready for bed that “Mama, your hair & nails are made keratin and to keep them strong you gotta eat lots of broccoli and protein, that’s why I love broccoli” (at first she told me she learned this at school but I found out it is actually from Wild Kratts). So now the Kratt Brothers are my nanny and I ain’t even mad about it.

This Bento: Yumbox Original in Blue Fish

  • 2 cranberry pistachio figgy pops by Made In Nature
  • 2 hard boiled egg whites
  • Korean bbq pork jerky from Costco
  • waffle crackers from Bulk Barn
  • marble cheese
  • fancy cucumbers
  • dried apricots
  • strawberries & blueberries
  • 1 peppermint fudge snapper treat

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