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Spicy Legs

If toddlers waking up at 2:15am screaming at the top their lungs that their “legs are spicy” sounds like a super fun thing, then definitely go ahead and have kids. Turns out it’s actually forking hard to explain the concept of pins and needles in the middle of the night to a 2.5yo whose acting like an octupus being murdered in cold blood. In related news, today might be the day I learn if Starbucks will fill a bubba keg with espresso. Stay tuned.

This Bento: Yumbox Panino in Neptune Blue

  • waffle sticks w/blueberries & mini m&m’s
  • Ukrainian garlic sausage & smokee gouda
  • orange & red sweet bell pepper slices
  • banana chips
  • real maple syrup

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