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My New Favourite Bento Boxes

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Okay, I have to admit. I’ve been a huge Yumbox fan forever. I loved that the trays came out (unlike Little Lunch Box Co), and were top rack dishwasher friendly. Well folks – there is a new girl in town. My friends over at Stuck on You Official sent me some of their bento boxes and cooler bags to try (#gifted) and I am obsessed for a few different reasons.

First – look at the tray design! I love that it has the food groups all laid out in appropriate portion sizes. It’s great for an adult to refer to when making bento box lunches for kids, but equally awesome for older kids as they learn to pack their own lunches and what needs to be included for them as well. Having kids see their meal laid out in front of them allows them to make smarter food choices by prioritizing their hunger needs and being more likely to eat healthier.

Next – and this is a HUGE upgrade over my former fave, Yumbox – the silicone lid insert is removeable! This means that you can properly deep clean and disinfect it as needed. Simply pop it out and toss it on the top rack of your dishwasher (all 3 pieces, including the tray, box shell, and silicone lid insert are all top rack dishwasher safe).


These bento boxes are also customizable! You can choose colour, art design, and fonts – this allows for several dozen customizing options for your bento boxes (many options available for children/adults of particular colour/design preference).


Sizing is also generous. The pink bento box above is the Stuck On You Official large bento. The yellow is a Yumbox Original – you can see it is both less wide and less deep meaning it simply doesn’t hold as much food.


Here you can see the Stuck On You Official large bento in pink, with the lila purple Yumbox Tapas on top. While the Yumbox is slightly wider, it isn’t as deep. By my approximation, they hold a similar amount of food (which is approximately 4.5-5 cups of food when packed food, an adult meal size.)


Lastly, you can see here the Stuck On You Official large bento in pink, and a Little Lunch Box Co Bento 5 in purple. There is a clear difference in sizing and the amount of food each one holds.

Lastly, the cooler bags we received with our bento boxes are perfectly sized and also customized with my daughter’s names on the outside (not shown). They fit the bento boxes perfectly, with a mesh pouch to insert an ice pack to keep the lunches cold, and an attached zippered pouch to include additional snacks/lunch options.

I have been a Yumbox fangirl forever. But I gotta say, I think these new bento boxes from Stuck On You Official have taken my heart. They are an Australia based company, but offer free Canadian shipping and frequent discounts to their friends up north. I appreciate the super smart design of the removeable silicone lid insert, the interchangeable trays (sandwich tray or snacky trays), the lunch bags that fit the bento boxes perfectly, and even the bento box menu planning note pads you can buy to plan lunch meals and grocery shopping accordingly.

If you’re in the market for some new bento boxes (getting your kids used to eating chilled lunches at home outta bento boxes is great practice for next school year!), please do check them out —> Stuck On You Official Bento Boxes & More

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